Vossen World Tour: Japan

We kicked off 2014 with Vossen World Tour Japan, the first of many international destinations scheduled for the year. Although this wasn’t our first time there, the anticipation to return is always new and exciting. With flight delays and extreme weather conditions threatening our plans from the jump, we knew we were in for something special. But not even Mother Nature and her unforgiving ways was going to stop us from invading our favorite island in eastern Asia. The relationships we’ve built in Japan over time have been crucial to the Vossen brand. And with the success of last year’s visit, we wanted to make sure we raised the bar this go around, especially in regards to our media coverage.

Needless to say, we did just that. In four separate installments, we will be bringing you footage of the Tokyo Auto Salon, the Vossen owners meet, shots of Vossen representing in Tokyo, and, as an added bonus, some behind the scenes craziness. Get ready.

Vossen World Tour : Japan
To cap off our time in Japan, we caught up with our friends at Skipper. Two of their vehicles, the Lexus IS F-sport (featured in our booth at the Tokyo Auto Salon) and a modified Nissan Fairlady 350Z with an updated 370Z, became the objects of our admiration. The Lexus was rocking our new CVT wheels and the Nissan our bold new Free Form Wheels. Both vehicles had a full Skipper bodykit and were absolutely perfect.

 While in the beautiful city of Yokohama, we decided to head to Chinatown and make good use of the bright backdrops. It was a cold night but we love what we do enough to brave the frigid temperatures. It was rewarding getting to connect with the Skipper team and hear all about the amazing things they’re doing.

 On Friday night, we met up with the Hamana crew in Little Old Tokyo. The architecture and design of the city, comprised of impressive historical structures, was truly incredible to witness. There we saw some of the hottest cars known to man; the Mercedes CLA and A-class featured custom widebody work which really accented the aggressive yet clean lines of their bodykits. It allowed the 20x10.5 CVT wheels to be fitted on the front and in the rear. The Audi S7 was the only black car of the group. However, it blended really well with the copper-colored Vossen Precision Series wheels with lowered suspension and exhaust. Lastly, their Audi A8 V-10 was an undeniable showstopper. It literally slowed down traffic everywhere it went. It had gold covered directional Vossen Precision Series wheels and shined with the Hamana bodykit. All in all, we couldn't have imagined a better ending to our trip. Shout out to the Hamana team for an unforgettable time. 

Vossen Japan Owners Meet
Imagine over sixty Vossen equipped cars at a single show, heads turning at the sight of flawless creations. Such it was at the owners meet in Japan. Held in the historical city of Hamamatsu—just north of the Pacific Ocean—the event was beyond packed. Towering mountains and tall, bare-leaved trees surrounded guests and attendees. All sorts of breathtaking cars lined the streets, with pre-appointed parking spots set for customers and dealers, respectively. Despite the immense turnout, people were civilized and genuinely excited to be there. Cars were shiny, newly detailed, and ready to be photographed and admired by Japan’s automotive community.

 We felt the excitement as soon as we arrived. Booths were up everywhere and, as always, we showed up with goodies and exclusive Vossen World Tour Japan tees. We decided to provide lunch and refreshments as a gesture of our appreciation. It was amazing to hear the stories of supporters who had driven hours just to meet and mingle with our team. Despite the obvious language barrier, we were all united by our love and passion for automotive culture.

Tokyo Auto Salon 2014
The Tokyo Auto Salon exceeded even our expectations. Featuring some of the most incredible vehicles, this event is like no other. From Japanese to European and American cars, there is something for every taste and preference. While there, we had the opportunity to stay in the city of Chiba, about 25 miles southeast of Tokyo, where the show was being held. As expected, the event was packed, almost overwhelmingly so. The energy in the room was thick and, like always, we were ready to meet supporters and the crowds that gathered at the Mondera Japan | Vossen booth. Our beautiful Miami model, Estefania Serrano, helped man our station, her friendly personality and demeanor playing an instrumental role. We had the Vossen Precision Series on display along with our Flow Form Series, which debuts later this month. There was so much love and respect in the room as fans complimented our design and overall setup.

We could not have imagined a better way to start the tour.



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