Vossen World Tour: Europe

We are proud to announce the Vossen World Tour: Europe, hitting select cities April 24th to May 7th. Team Vossen will be on the road providing coverage of the world renowned Wörthersee Meet, the largest Volkswagen and Audi car meet in the world. With extensive media coverage in London, Zürich, Liechtenstein, and Wörthersee, the tour will be like no other, bringing together automobile enthusiasts from all over Europe. In true Vossen fashion, expect plenty of updates and mind blowing media of some of Vossen's hottest cars. Check back daily for updates!

Our time in Wörthersee was amazing; the perfect way to cap off an already action packed tour. Southern Austria is a beautiful region and the climate is near perfect, making it a popular tourist destination for lovers of the outdoors. If you're interested in great swimming during the summer and ice skating the massive alpine lake in winter, this is the place to be in Europe.

The highlight of our stay was, of course, the Wörthersee Meet. It's the largest, most talked about Volkswagen and Audi car meet in the world. The event takes place every year in the lakeside town of Reifnitz and unites dealers and enthusiasts from all over Europe. It's been going strong since 1981 and has a long, rich history. We had the chance to host our very own Vossen meet during the show. There were 25 Vossen owners and a large crowd gathered around the most  impeccable cars we've ever seen, complete with custom setups and great wheel combinations.

Some of our favorite cars to shoot were the M5 and the C63. We can't forget to mention the Autobahn and the pure adrenaline rush we got from getting to take these, and also the RS4 and RS5, to such quick speeds. We gave away a lot of Vossen gear, iPhone cases, and other goodies, to show love to our dealers and support. This was no doubt one of the best tours we've been on in every way.

Vossen World Tour: Liechtenstein

For those who don't know, Liechtenstein is a small country on the border of Austria and Switzerland. Located entirely within the Alps, it's home to breathtaking landscapes and mountainous terrain. Places like the Vaduz Castle, for one, are etched in our minds forever and we hope to someday go back.
Our first shoot was of an RS5 high up on a mountaintop. The sights were stellar and we were taking in every moment, snapping away and updating our Instagram feed as we went along. We also got to capture the RS4 Avant near the Vogeli Alpenhotel, a popular ski area with views and ample hiking trails. Without a doubt one of the stand out moments of this leg of the tour was getting to shoot the VW MK V, owned by our boy Bengee. His ride was white until he gave it a makeover this year. Bengee got the wheels polished with gold painted barrels and went with a champagne color for the body. All the elements (CV4 wheels, rose gold painted windows, gold colored stickers and trimming) blend perfectly and give it a brand new feel altogether.

Much respect to our comrade Thomas from Eccentricall Imports, who helped everything to run smooth and stress free. After a great stay at the Park Hotel Sonnenhof in Vaduz (overlooking Liechtenstein with a view of the Vaduz Castle), Thomas took us to shoot a perfect Lamborghini near the Parliament building. All in all, Liechtenstein was better than we could have imagined. Big thanks to all the incredible people we met.

Vossen World Tour: Zürich

When we landed in Zürich, our team knew right away we were in for something great. The city, packed with museums and art galleries, is bright and lively. It's also the largest city in Switzerland, making for busy traffic and a lot of energy on the daily. We loaded up the ride and got moving. Our Vossen World Tour production van sped down the Swiss streets as tall mountains and old buildings surrounded us. We had a crazy first day shooting five cars, thanks to our Swiss dealer, Thomas from Eccentricall Imports. Thomas was also the man behind our tour van, a black souped-up T5 on CV7's. It turned a lot of heads everywhere we went. The second day we set up shop in the city of St. Gallen, which is set near the Appenzell mountain area. There we got to shoot a Maserati and the wide body C63, one of our favorites for its simplicity and all around smoothness. Visiting Lake Constance (also known as Bodensee) was definitely a big highlight, as it connects Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. It was a privilege to meet so many Vossen fans and owners in Zürich and get to see what they're doing in their city. What we've been able to capture on film is nothing less than amazing.

Peace to Zürich for making our stay memorable!

Off to the world famouse Wörthersee Meet!

Vossen World Tour: London

As expected, London was incredible. Daily we were immersed in amazing sights, from inspiring architecture and beautiful people, to cars that made even us do double-takes. Everyone showed us love and it was an honor to meet so many fans and Vossen owners. We also had the pleasure of visiting notable landmarks like Wembley Stadium, the London Eye (the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe), and Buckingham Palace. The streets in London are always buzzing and traffic stays heavy, which is a well-known phenomenon in London.

Of course, doing what we do doesn't come without its challenges when it comes to organizing shoots. As all creatives, mainly photographers/videographers know, getting kicked out of locations is often part of the game, part of achieving the results we need when it comes to quality media. We wouldn't change a thing.
Big thanks to Premier Auto Design for helping us get all the cars for our shoots.

Our favorite car from our time in London? We can't stop thinking about the RS6. The RS6 is the highest-performing version of the Audi A6. Despite the demand, it has yet to be imported to the US and Canada. We hope it is someday.

Cheers to London.

Next stop, Zürich!


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