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The Latest From Vossen

  • McLaren 650S Spider and Lamborghini Huracan

    We are super excited to debut this latest piece from Vossen, featuring twin matte black beasts cruising the streets of Miami. We not only got to show ...

  • Tokyo Auto Salon 2015

    When we traveled to Japan in January to attend Tokyo Auto Salon 2015 we had only a rough idea of what to expect. The Japanese tuning world is far dif ...

  • Joey Brezinski’s AWE Tuning Audi A7

    Over the years I’ve learned that, more often than not, automotive enthusiasts come from a skate or BMX background. For many it’s where th ...

  • As The Sun Sets – Diego’s Infiniti G37s VPS-309

    The sun finally sets on my G37s, but first we had to capture the entire build on film before I put this project to bed. I first started modifying car ...



At Vossen we take pride in our craft. Explore our collection of moving pictures and witness our unique approach and vision.

Video Gallery
  • Audi A7 | VFS1
  • Mercedes Benz S Class Coupe | CVT
  • Mercedes Benz S Class | CV7
  • Nissan GTR | VFS1
  • Ford Mustang | VFS1
  • BMW 4 Series | CV7

The Wheel Collections

  • Pioneer of the concave, staggered trend, the CV Series employs a low-pressure casting process and delivers classic monoblock designs.

  • Advancing the traditional casting process, the VF Series utilizes flow forming to cut down on weight and increase strength. Flow forming also allows for a great range of wheel widths within each design.

  • Limited in production and radical in design, the VLE Series steps outside the industry norm by creating a wheel ownership experience enveloped in exclusivity and unlike anything else.


The Vossen lifestyle extends much deeper than fitting wheels to a car. Explore Vossen’s array of apparel and accessories.

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